July 25, 2022

Event Animation Services: How to Optimise Event Content

BY Tom Mahon

July 25th, 2022

With the rise of virtual and hybrid events, there is more competition than ever before to attract, engage, and maintain the attention of audiences. One of our favourite ways to elevate events and bring life to event content is with animation services.

In this blog, we’re going to walk you through a few examples of event animation from projects including motion graphic event assets, pre and post-event marketing collateral, animated video, and animated virtual event worlds.

Why use Animation Services for Events?

Animation and motion graphics are great ways to increase the production value of your event, attract the attention of and direct the focus of your audience, and bring your brand to life. Even basic movement and colour changes help to give a broadcast-quality feel to your event and separate it from the crowd, and in the first moments of your event, this can be the difference between retaining your audience and them dropping off.

Going a step further, animated characters or products can help tell a story, engage a specific audience demographic, and are brilliant if you need to explain complex information.

Our animation services can transform your event content and with competition for attention being as high as it currently is, using tools like animation at all stages of your event – pre-event marketing, event intro videos, event sessions, and post-event marketing and PR – is a great value-add to your event build.

At London Filmed, our experienced creative team work with you to design and build engaging animations for the ultimate content engagement at your event. To get a feel for the process, we’ll walk you through 3 examples of projects in which we’ve injected animated elements.

1. Nesta Amazon Awards Ceremony

We created an animated introductory video to be played at the virtual event before the award ceremony.

The process:

  1. With the team at Nesta, we created a storyboard that was brand-aligned and met their objectives
  2. An illustrator used the storyboard to create the scenes
  3. Our animator worked closely with the illustrator to create the digital characters and rig them so that they could be brought to life and move according to the scenes
  4. The video was finalised by our editing team and in collaboration with the Nesta team before being added into the event build ready for the virtual event – see more in our Success Story

Nesta illustrated scenes:

nesta illustrations

Nesta intro video:

2. PA Raspberry Pi Awards 2021 & 2022

To capture the attention of the young audience, we used animated characters throughout the life cycle of the event from a pre-event promotional video, animated event assets and digital lecterns and media walls, to post-event highlights, and PR content.

The process:

  1. We worked with the PA Consulting team to put together a brief using drawings from previous events
  2. We created a mood board to take these elements onto the virtual platform to create a virtual ‘world’ for the event to take place within and characters to animate
  3. We defined the spaces within the event world, the purpose of each, and how they should look and feel
  4. We worked with an illustrator who used the brief, drawings and the mood board to create an initial design
  5. We met with the PA team regularly to get feedback and after a few iterations, settle on a design
  6. The animated elements were then passed on to our animator
  7. The illustrations and animations all came together on the event platform to create an interactive, immersive and engaging virtual event experience – see more in our 2021 Success Story
  8. For 2022, we also created assets to be used at the hybrid event including digital lecterns and media walls that tied the in-person and online experience together – see more in our 2022 Success Story

PA Pi 2021 event ‘world’:

papi competition 2021

3. Magnite Virtual Event

For broadcast-quality appeal, we used motion graphics throughout the event to bring life to the holding cards and transitions between sessions.

The process:

  1. With guidance from Magnite’s brand guidelines, we designed a few concepts to feedback to the client
  2. After choosing a design, our graphic designers added motion to each asset
  3. The motion graphics were added into the event build to create a visually-engaging event experience, helping to elevate the look and feel of the event
magnite opener magnite opener 2
magnite animation magnite animation

If you’re interested in adding animation to your next event, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today to discuss our video animation services.