January 13, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Host an In Person Event for Your Business

BY Nick Forster

January 13th, 2020

Why You Should Host An In Person Event

Hosting an in person event comes in lots of different shapes and sizes, from parties to conferences, for 15 people or 500. But how can events work for your business? Here are five reasons why you should host events.

1. Facetime. Not the app. The Real Thing.

There’s nothing better than getting some face-to-face time with your current customers, clients or prospects. It gives you the opportunity to extol the virtues of your product or service and really show your passion in a way that doesn’t just happen over email. And, if you can demo or showcase what you do, even better.

Relationship building ultimately happens in person, so hosting events is a brilliantly efficient way to do that. Plus, they’re always pretty fun. However, in the post-pandemic event landscape, always consider adding an online element to your event, whether that be a full hybrid set-up with virtual speakers and a virtual audience, or a live stream so your global audience can watch your content too.

2. Brand exposure

Have you just launched a new product, had a rebranding or had a bumper year? All that hard work needs an event to show it off. Celebrate your achievements or show your customers exactly why they ​need​ your product in their life with an in person event. They’re much more likely to remember it, especially if you pull off a brilliant event. It’s an excellent opportunity to get your brand in front of the right audience.

hosting events

3. Just a little thank you

Your customers or clients keep your business going. So, from time to time, it’s nice to say thank you. Reward them with a party, a dinner or an away day. They’ll feel valued, which is so, so important for retention. It’s an opportunity to get feedback in an informal environment, too, win-win.

4. Share the knowledge

You’re the experts in what you do, so share it. Can you help your clients develop or use your product in a better way? Hold a workshop, a roundtable or a panel discussion. It’s added value for your customers, as you’re helping them in their day-to-day lives, whilst getting some all-important brand exposure too.

5. Network, network, network

Sometimes events can be a good old-fashioned networking opportunity. You never know who you might meet, from new leads to future suppliers and partners. So, have an open mind and go out there and meet, meet, meet.

Once you’ve planned a brilliant event, you’ll want to remember it, of course. Check out our video production services, and make sure your event lasts long after the day ends.

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Why should you host events? We hope these 5 reasons help to show the huge commercial benefit of events and why they should form a key part of your marketing strategy.

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