November 4, 2021

Allies & Morrison Hybrid Series

BY London Filmed

November 4th, 2021


Event type: hybrid series

Event platform: Slido

Workflow: in room/virtual > vMix > YouTube > Slido

In the making: 2 months

Date of event: 07.10.21 / 21.10.21 / 04.11.21

Duration: 3 x half days

Company: Allies & Morrison

Speakers: 20

Attendees: up to 50 in-room and 140-200 online per event

The Project

Multi-award-winning architects and urbanists, Allies & Morrison, got in touch with us to take their annual ‘City Makers’ conference online for the first time.

This hybrid event was held over three sessions with some attendees and speakers attending in-person at the Allies & Morrison London studio, and others attending virtually. This allowed the client to extend their reach to their clients out of London, as well as include speakers from around the world.

Each session included a mix of in-room and remote speakers, with remote speakers dialling in from Australia, Spain, USA, and Abu Dhabi.

We used the event platform Slido, which provided a forum function for anonymous questions – an important aspect for the client.

Allies & Morrison needed a full hybrid solution, so we kicked off the project with a full tour of the studio and a meeting with three members of the Allies & Morrison team to discuss the series in full and establish where in the studio the hybrid experience would be best placed.


  • The hybrid event was to be held in their studio, so we needed to find a solution that would create a good online and in-person experience and work in office hours
  • The studio was next to a busy road, so there were sound considerations to be overcome
  • The studio was relatively tight for space, which increased the health and safety risk significantly
  • It was the first hybrid event the client had organised
  • There were several remote speakers to brief and organise


  • We did a full site visit and analysis to design the hybrid solution. We were flexible with timings – unpacking and setting up in and around working hours for each of the three sessions
  • We enhanced the sound kit we had on-site to combat any road noise
  • We helped the clients understand what hybrid events are, what they entail, the process, and the tech to ensure they felt confident throughout
  • We carried out an extensive risk assessment and took extra health and safety measures
  • We worked to the remote speaker’s time zone to ensure each was briefed and confident in the process and the tech used


“This is a really fantastic example of a company looking ahead at how they want their events to be experienced given the new events landscape, and taking full advantage of the opportunities online events provide. At the end of the three events the clients were fully brought into the hybrid experience, utilising the studio space and increasing audience and speaker opportunities via the virtual option.”
Tom Mahon, Co-Founder London Filmed