October 21, 2021

Amara Interior Blog Awards

BY London Filmed

October 21st, 2021


Event type: Virtual

Event platform: Amara’s website

Workflow: Zoom > YouTube > Website

In the making: 1.5 Months

Date of event: 21.10.21

Duration: 1 hour

Company: Amara

Speakers: 64

Attendees: 105

Client Review

“An enjoyable experience! The team at London Filmed made the virtual event experience an easier one than we had thought. Nothing was too much trouble – thank you!”

Karen Waddilove, Head of Communications & Collaborations, AMARA

The Project

We have worked with Amara on their virtual Interior Blog Awards Ceremony for the past couple of years. They reached out to us to ensure the event flowed seamlessly and the audience and participant experience maintained the luxe, refined feel of their brand.


  • With over 60 participants, many of whom hadn’t taken part in a virtual event before, there was a significant amount of tech and speaker briefings to be done
  • The team at Amara organise this event alongside their main job, so it was important to be flexible and on-hand when they needed
  • We needed to factor in last-minute changes to the event assets
  • On the night, some of the speakers didn’t stick to the script, which meant our project build didn’t fully align at times.


  • We factored in enough time on the project to brief all participants on the tech, the workflow, and what they needed to do, when
  • We used a simple workflow to live stream into Amara’s website to ensure the software and tech was as accessible and user friendly as possible
  • We used a google sheet to feed directly into the build of the assets. This meant that if a name or blog title needed editing at the last minute, it was as simple as updating the google sheet, which auto-updated the assets
  • We built a new zoom workflow with 12 ‘award rooms’ as opposed to 1 ‘go live’ room to make the process more efficient. This minimised the intermission time between the awards, resulting in a 30% reduction in event length
  • Our live stream engineer took care of all the participants, so they didn’t need to do anything, which created a stress-free, more enjoyable experience for them


“Working with Amara as a repeat client meant the workflow was predefined. They handled designs, which meant we could focus on briefing the speakers, managing the internal team, and organising the project build with the streaming team. For this event, we made use of a couple of alternative systems for Zoom and vMix, which proved successful and helped us to deliver the event in a timely, and efficient manner. It’s always great to work with Amara, and hope we can continue our relationship next year (hopefully in person!)”
– Dominic Coombes, Project Manager, London Filmed