October 7, 2021

Carbon Forward 2-Day Hybrid Event

BY London Filmed

October 7th, 2021


Event type: Hybrid

Event platform: MyConnector

Workflow:  Zoom > Vimeo > MyConnector

In the making: 2 months

Date of event: 06.10.21 > 07.10.21

Duration: 2 days

Company: Carbon Forward

Speakers: 70

Attendees: 150

Client Review

“What a great 2 days London Filmed colleagues spent with us on scene and in the virtual space, too! We could not be more grateful for all the tweaking and fine-tuning, without you we would have had all the background noises and bad echoes. It was amazing how you navigated us all through the techs and setups to allow all the speakers to get live as best as they could. Fantastic job delivering the livestream.”
Carbon Forward

The Project

Carbon Forward approached us to create a hybrid event for their 6th annual conference.

The global B2B conference was jointly sponsored by Redshaw Advisors and Carbon Pulse who were key stakeholders in the organisation of the event. 

The clients came to us with the event platform Myconnector in mind, so we integrated the platform into our tailored solution. Myconnector was a cost-effective platform that provided an end-to-end solution for Carbon Forward, from registration and ticketing through to hosting with custom branding and networking. 


  • We had 70 speakers to brief in a short space of time
  • A second concurrent stream was added to the build towards the end of the project, which needed a completely different look and feel to the mainstream
  • The clients did not have a dedicated event manager, this was organised alongside their day-to-day job
  • We were on hand to give the key stakeholders support when needed to manage the event build and organisation


  • We facilitated multiple tech briefings in the week leading into the event, covering several time zones including USA and APAC
  • We committed resources and team members to create assets, including bespoke animations, in a restricted time frame
  • We created bespoke assets for the two concurrent streams to give them a different look and feel


“We worked closely with the Carbon Forward team to help them deliver this year’s conference in a hybrid setting. Improving on last year’s virtual conference was a key focus for their team. We helped them realise that by transforming Redshaw Advisors office, a key sponsor of the conference, into a hybrid studio where the MC and moderators delivered their part of the event. We facilitated talk-back between the speakers in the studio and a virtual panel who appeared on a TV in line with the cameras to help make the conversation feel natural. I was on location to help create a conduit between the production team, moderators, and our virtual producer who was looking after the remote contributors. The sessions ran smoothly and the workflow we adopted was successful in helping deliver a well-curated event that was enjoyed by all the attendees.”
Nick Forster, Co-Founder London Filmed