March 23, 2021

CareerTech Challenge Virtual Event & Award Ceremony

BY London Filmed

March 23rd, 2021


Event Type: Virtual

Event Platform: Hopin 

Workflow: Zoom > YouTube > Hopin

Event Date:  23/03/21

Event Duration: 3 hours

Company:  Nesta

Speakers: 22

Attendees: 266

Client Review 

“We worked with the London Filmed team on our online end-of-programme event, and were thoroughly impressed with the results. London Filmed lead on the technical aspects of producing the event, managing the live stream, briefing our speakers, and providing their advice on making the most of the online platform we used – we were able to go into the event confident that everything was in hand. London Filmed also took our existing brand assets and created a unique look-and-feel for the event, which added a high degree of polish. London Filmed will be the first company I speak to for any future events.”

The Project

After extensive research to find a production company to best suit their needs, Nesta approached London Filmed to help execute their CareerTech Challenge virtual event. The event was to be showcased across 2 ‘stages’ simultaneously, so viewers could dip in and out of different talks, depending on their interests. 


  • The event needed to look slick, professional and audience-appropriate
  • Speakers had never been on virtual events before
  • Needed to engage the audience for a large period of time
  • The client needed to provide post-event feedback to the rest of the team
  • Needed to host award ceremony – showcasing pitch videos and acceptance videos


  • The dedicated graphic designer followed brand guidelines to rework illustrations and create custom designs for the event
  • Tech rehearsals were given to all speakers ahead of the event to ensure they felt comfortable and well-equipped. London Filmed team also present in the virtual waiting room to help prep and guide speakers
  • Platform used lots of features: multiple concurrent stages and sessions, networking, chat, polls, expo booths and sponsor sections
  • Detailed post-event analytics available through the platform.
  • Created custom design work to build visually in-keeping digital frames for videos, that were then hosted externally on the client’s Youtube platform. Award-winners were live-streamed at the event


The client received brilliant feedback on the event, which came together seamlessly. Nesta’s event objectives were mainly to showcase innovators, present research, and advance industry discussions around the changing world of work; this was executed with engaging panel discussions, presentations, and solo talks. Overall, the event was a huge success, reaching over 400 registrations from 25 countries. Post-event analysis showed the event was highly engaging, with attendees contributing over 130 chat messages for the Q&A sessions and general discussion.

Take a look at the event: