October 7, 2021

E-ACT Ideas Conference

BY London Filmed

October 7th, 2021


Event type: Virtual

Event platform: Hopin

Workflow: Zoom > vMix > RTMP > Hopin

In the making: 5 weeks

Date of event: 07.10.21

Duration: 1 day

Company: E-ACT

Speakers: 13

Client Review

“The greatest compliment I can pay London Filmed is that they were a partner in every sense of the word at a time when we were making the leap into virtual conferencing for the very first time….”
– Humayon Pramanik, Director of Communications E-ACT


We were really delighted when E-ACT approached us to take their one-day Ideas Conference, in collaboration with TES, online. 

This important Conference focussed on mental health in our schools, a very timely topic after an unprecedented 18-months of lockdowns and disruptions to multiple facets of life, including education. It was important to honor the gravity of the subject in the look and feel of the conference, as well as provide a forum for idea generation.

E-ACT’s main objectives were to find a way to connect with their country-wide audience of educators and bring them together with government and academic thought leaders to learn, inspire action, share best practices and practical tips, and network. 

We matched E-ACT’s objectives to three event platforms, eventually deciding on the Hopin Growth Package, which is a cost-effective solution that allows for easy and affordable scaling of attendee numbers and has an in-built networking feature.


  • This was E-ACT’s first online event and was of significant size
  • The conference included some of the most important names in government and academia, all of whom needed speaker briefings and technical checks
  • The registration process was challenging in that attendees registered via the E-ACT website and then needed re-registering on the Hopin platform


  • We allocated more time to the project to ensure we could help the E-ACT team understand the process and technology of virtual events and make sure they were comfortable at every step of the event building process
  • Co-Founder Tom Mahon project managed the event build and was a central point of contact throughout
  • We utilised our project management systems heavily with the E-ACT team to provide transparency throughout the project build and provide peace of mind at each step
  • We used a range of Hopin resources to help build a solid foundation of knowledge on the platform and how it works for full confidence
  • We remained flexible to the demands of the project, for instance, we created a briefing video for the speakers that couldn’t attend the live briefing meeting with our tech team
  • We learned the hard way that the Hopin Growth Package doesn’t allow for CSV uploads from other registration tools and is certainly a factor to consider when looking at this package, but we successfully registered all attendees on to the platform


“I was really pleased E-ACT reached out to us to help with this project. It is such an important topic and one close to my heart as my mum and sister are both teachers. The conference far exceeded expectations in terms of registrants – over 1,200 – and over 60% conversion to live attendees, which are really impressive figures! We received a lot of really positive feedback from attendees, especially focussed on the usability and flow of the event. Overall, I’m really chuffed for the E-ACT team on a very successful virtual event debut!”

– Tom Mahon, Co-Founder London Filmed

Client Review

“The greatest compliment I can pay London Filmed is that they were a partner in every sense of the word at a time when we were making the leap into virtual conferencing for the very first time.

Tom and his team gave us time whenever we needed it and made incredible efforts to make our event the best it could be, taking the view that our success was more important to them than anything else. From my first call with Tom right the way through the project to delivery, I cannot emphasise enough just how great London Filmed were in making our first-ever virtual conference such a great success. It’s also really important to highlight just how brilliant the event looked on the day – from brand through to slides to holding cards and music, many attending delegates have since commented on just how impressive it all looked and sounded. We also had a panel of very high-profile speakers, all of whom commented on just how professional an outfit London Filmed are.

Supremely organised, always available, reassuring and incredibly professional, I would not hesitate to work with London Filmed again.”

– Humayon Pramanik, Director of Communications E-ACT