May 10, 2021

Finite Fest Virtual Conference

BY London Filmed

May 10th, 2021


Event Type: Virtual

Virtual Event Platform: Hopin

Workflow: Zoom > Vimeo > Hopin

In The Making: 6 Weeks

Date of Event: 13.05.21

Event Duration: 1 day (8 hours)

Company: FINITE

Speakers: 25

Client Review:

“Fantastic to work with! Working with London Filmed was an absolute pleasure. They were professional and friendly, running the event seamlessly on the day. Would highly recommend!”
Sasha Suzdaleva, Marketing, Community, and Events Manager at FINITE

The Project

FINITE is a free private community for marketers in B2B SaaS and technology to connect. In May 2021, Finite held their first Virtual Event ‘FINITE Fest: tech marketing trends conference’ to a large audience via the Hopin platform.

The event consisted of individual talks, panels, and Q&A sessions with industry leaders across Marketing, Social Media, and Tech.

London Filmed sponsored the event and our Founder Nick Forster spoke on the panel: ‘IRL, Virtual or Hybrid? Tackling the Future of Events as a Marketing Channel That Drives Growth in B2B’, alongside companies such as Informa and Salesforce.


  • Multiple large virtual panels with up to 5 people with transitions to single speaker views at specific intervals throughout the talks
  • Large volume of speaker slides to prepare
  • Strict brand guidelines to adhere to for the event’s digital assets
  • MC with a mix of live and pre-recorded content
  • Quick speaker transitions throughout the agenda


  • Project management over 1 month for a team of 5 made up of a Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Editor, Live Stream Engineer, and Livestream Producer
  • Dedicated Livestream Producer and Live Stream Engineer to ensure high-quality production and full event tech rehearsals to agree on verbal cues for content and speaker transitions
  • Efficient speaker preparation across 6 bespoke 30 min sessions
  • Custom design work was created by the London Filmed Graphic Design team following brand guidelines to create digital assets
  • Hopin enabled pre-recorded and live material to be hosted as well as Q&A