June 23, 2022

Hybrid Conference with Covert Production

BY London Filmed

June 23rd, 2022


Event type: Hybrid

Event platform: Slido & YouTube

Venue: The Royal College of Surgeons

Workflow: vMix > YouTube > Slido

In the making: 1 month

Date of event: 23.06.22

Duration: 1 day

Company: UK in a Changing Europe

Speakers: 25

The Project

UK in a Changing Europe (UKICE) is a UK-wide network of academics and researchers coordinated by King’s College London. The ‘Annual Conference 2022: The World Beyond Brexit’ was held at The Royal College of Surgeons as a hybrid event, which we produced.

This 1-day conference covered thought-provoking topics on the broad theme of Brexit and its consequences via panel discussions and keynote speeches.

UKICE were looking for a smooth hybrid delivery with a seamless experience for both the online and in-person audiences and for the production on-site to be as unnoticeable as possible.


Challenges & Solutions

  • Approved production partner at The Royal College of Surgeons – we had to gain approval from the Head of Building & Estates at the venue to use their systems and become an approved production partner. This required sending through documentation including insurance, liability, health and safety policies, and risk assessments.
  • Site visit & set up – due to the opening hours of the venue, we were unable to set up the night before the event, so created a plan in advance for a rapid set up within a 2-hour window on the morning of the event.
  • Digital assets & animation – we worked with the brand guidelines to create a strong event brand identity over all the digital assets, including animation work. Due to last-minute amendments to the agenda, our graphic design team had to amend some of the digital assets to be slotted into the event build-in-situ.
  • Tube / Nation Rail strikes – we pivoted in-person speakers that were affected to deliver their content online and included last-minute technical briefings so they were confident in the tech and the process.
  • Displaying content within the room – we supplied 55-inch monitors to display the content at the venue to ensure the best possible in-person experience.
  • Covert production – UKICE wanted the on-site production to be as unnoticeable as possible for a seamless event experience. We made use of a PA communication system to ensure we could communicate with each other across the room. We also supplied microphones for the speakers, which we set up in the green room, only moving the speakers off mute when it was their turn to speak. This meant there was as little production happening in the event room and no disturbance or distractions for the audience.


“Overall this event was a testament to a good working relationship with one of our Flux clients. The project lifecycle was very smooth with great communication throughout. The graphics were professional yet engaging, with the use of animation. The on-the-day production team were able to set up within a 2-hour time window as there was rigorous planning in place and a fast-paced, all-encompassing team of technicians and creatives on-site from London Filmed. The event had some gripping conversations and with that, I have never seen Slido so active! All round, big congratulations are in order to UKICE for putting on a very successful event, and thanks to the team at London Filmed for their efforts in putting it all together.”

– Dominic Coombes Project Manager