August 4, 2022

3-Day Internal Virtual Event with Autodesk

BY London Filmed

August 4th, 2022


  • Event type: Internal virtual event
  • Event platform: Hopin
  • Workflow: vMix > Hopin
  • In the making: 5 weeks
  • Date of event: 02.08.22 – 04.08.22
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Company: Autodesk
  • Speakers: 10
  • Attendees: 50

The Project

Autodesk held a 3-day virtual event hosted from their Northern American offices. The Summer School event included presentations and interactive sessions utilising live Q&A and polls on the Hopin event platform to update their international employees on their product developments. The team were taking part from multiple countries with the speakers presenting from across America.

The main objective for Autodesk was to create an engaging, interactive 3-day virtual event to share information and keep their team engaged throughout.


autodesk closing gif

Challenges & Solutions

  • We spent time with the team at Autodesk walking them through the Hopin event platform, and assessing different elements and features of Hopin that would help them reach their goals, collect relevant data, and create a good user experience. The team had a clear image of how they wanted the event to play out, so we created solutions within the constraints of the platform to best utilise Hopin and create the experience Autodesk was looking for. We remained flexible to changing needs for the duration of the event and amended features as required.
  • The London Filmed team shifted their work patterns so we could be on call for Autodesk to ensure a smooth project from brief to delivery, especially during the live event (17.00-23.30 UK GMT).
  • Because of the time difference, we increased the number of speaker briefing slots to ensure all the speakers across America could find a suitable time. During these sessions, we ensured each speaker was comfortable with the process, the tech, and best practices for sharing content. Each speaker was sent a camera and microphone so we ran through the set-up and spent time answering any questions they had to ensure a successful live event.


“The team at Autodesk were great to work with and were open to learning and exploring the Hopin platform to ensure we made the most of its features. There were a couple of small teething issues on the first day with Hopin and Vimeo, but the team successfully resolved them within minutes to create a seamless sequence of sessions over the 3 days. We had a few live amends to the Q&A and polls in response to Autodesk learning how the platform captured data, which we integrated without any user experience alterations. Overall it was a successful virtual event managed and produced in the UK for US-based Autodesk and watched by their team in multiple countries.”

– Stephanie Clayton, Event Producer