February 6, 2021

NBC Universal + Virtual Press Conference

BY London Filmed

February 6th, 2021


Event type: virtual

Virtual Event Platform: UPstage by Hire Space

Workflow: Zoom > Vimeo > Upstage

Event Date: 02/02/21

Duration: 60-mins

Company: NBC Universal +

Speakers: 5

Attendees: Approx. 30 people consisting of: key press, influencers, Movistar+ and NBCU

In January 2021, international television network NBC Universal approached London Filmed to help host their virtual press conference, launching the Universal+ and Dreamworks channel in Spain, after teaming with Movistar+. The event was hosted by Spanish presenter Cristina Teva, who, along with other speakers delivered the conference in part-English and part-Spanish to around 100 journalists. The exclusive event showcased an exciting array of pre-recorded programme snippets that are set to feature on the network, as well as a Q&A session with senior leadership from NBC, Dreamworks & Movistar+.


  • The event was to be presented in a mix of Spanish and English
  • Fast turnaround – needed to plan, create, build and test in under 2-weeks.
  • Needed a highly professional result whilst speakers streamed from their homes
  • Needed to incorporate pre-recorded content and live material including audience interaction

Our solutions:

  • External project management tools to allow open communication between parties, tech briefings with all speakers, script reviews and full event tech rehearsals to agree verbal cues for content & speaker transitions.
  • Dedicated team of 3 made up of a Project Manager, Graphic Designer & Live Stream Engineer
  • Custom design work following brand guidelines to create digital assets and also facilitated custom virtual backgrounds
  • Ability to host both pre-recorded + live material through the platform

The result

London Filmed delivered a slick, multi-paneled virtual press conference that went off without a hitch.