July 15, 2021

Nesta Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize Competition

BY London Filmed

July 15th, 2021


Event type: Virtual

Event platform: Hopin

Workflow: Zoom > YouTube > Hopin

In the making: 1.5 Months

Date of event: 15.07.21

Duration: 1.5 hours

Company: Nesta Challenges

Speakers: 5 live speakers, Winning School Teams

Client Review

“I was so impressed by the whole of the London Filmed team throughout the process – they were responsive, efficient and great at communicating with us at every stage throughout the project. Plus, they were very accommodating of the many questions we threw their way – even the really silly ones! The finished look and feel of the events was spot on, and the events themselves run without any hitches. We had great feedback on the visual style of the event too.

I am looking forward to working with them again on future events at Nesta Challenges!”

Maddy Kavanagh
Programme Manager, Longitude Explorer Prize

The Project

Nesta Challenges approached London Filmed to help execute an exciting virtual award show, in collaboration with Amazon. 

The Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize is a year-long competition that challenges teams of young people aged between 11 and 16 to design, test, and develop technology enterprises for social good. The prize inspires, educates, and enables a diverse range of young people to develop real innovations for the future.

The look and feel of the award show really needed to honour the entrepreneurial spirit of the project and be relevant for the young audience. By creating custom illustrations for each of the 40 finalists based on their inventions, animations, and bespoke branded designs, we brought the event to life in a particularly personalised way that was engaging for the target audience.


Explainer video created for the event:



  • Needed the whole event to feel cohesive, be celebratory, and age-appropriate
  • An informative, yet engaging animated intro video to be played at the event
  • Working with strict safeguarding policies for children involved in the production
  • Working with a host that was relatively new to virtual events
  • Working to a tight deadline


  • We worked collaboratively with an illustrator, animator and graphic designer to create vibrant and engaging illustrated assets throughout the event (see examples below)
  • We storyboarded video plans and collaborated with an illustrator, animator and voiceover artist to execute dynamic animated video
  • Nesta arranged necessary permissions with the children’s parents for filming with a teacher/guardian present. Where permission was denied, our editing team worked to disguise participants on video
  • Arranged in-depth technical briefings and rehearsals with all participants
  • Creative teams worked quickly and efficiently to create the custom design work once the winner’s names were announced close to the event date
scan animation verdis animation
LGBTQ animation Rainforest design animation


“Overall, this event was a huge success with glowing feedback received from teams and teachers, making up the main audience of the event. Presenters and panelists went into the virtual event feeling confident with the technical process and their involvement, which was evident in the successful execution of the panel discussion in particular. The unique illustrative animations and custom design-work was spoken highly of by the participants, which was brought together as a collaborative effort.” 

Dominic Coombes, Project Manager, London Filmed