May 26, 2021

PA Raspberry Pi Awards Ceremony

BY London Filmed

May 26th, 2021


Event type: Virtual

Event platform: Sparkle

Workflow: Zoom > Vimeo > Sparkle

In the making: 3 months

Date of event: 26.05.21

Duration: 1 day

Company: PA Consulting

Speakers: Live presenters, sponsored judges & winning school teams

Attendees: 400

The Client’s Top Priorities

Creating a shared, immersive experience and replicating the networking experience of a live event, and the ease of chatting with fellow attendees about their inventions.

Client Review

“Excellent partner in helping us deliver a high profile and complex virtual PAPi Award show this year. We look forward to working with London Filmed in delivering our calendar of hybrid events into 2022.”

Beth Saggers

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  • Needed a fully customisable platform that kept the audience engaged for the whole day
  • Live hosts incorporated into the event’s awards ceremony whilst abiding by COVID regulations
  • Nationwide sponsor needed to be present and engaged with during the event
  • Audience interaction capability throughout the day
  • A space where the judges could network and discuss the entries with the children
  • Custom design work
  • Recordings for each school team’s entry and a Finalists Gallery to showcase the videos
  • Promotional video content, social media content, marketing materials, and event content


  • We used SparkleVerse, a fully customisable virtual and hybrid event platform famous for creating immersive and interactive experiences, notably bringing the Burning Man festival online in 2020 and 2021
  • A well-thought-out agenda kept the guests moving around the different zones throughout the day
  • London Filmed used a professional green-screen studio to live-stream hosts Georgie Barratt and Frazer Bennett during the awards ceremony
  • We worked closely with Nationwide to create a logic puzzle game as an interactive zone at the event
  • We used our talented illustrator and animator to create a custom virtual ‘world’, which was uploaded onto the Sparkle platform. It contained a central hub for the attendees to explore, with various zones for showcasing the inventions in video form, networking spaces, a sponsor zone in collaboration with Nationwide, a judges zone and a main stage arena in which the live-streamed ceremony took place.
  • London Filmed recorded, edited, and animated pre-recorded video content which was played throughout. We then created snappy, highlight reels to showcase the children’s inventions. We also created bespoke animations for each age group in keeping with the ‘PA world’.
  • Attendees selected custom profile pictures and engaged in live chat features, whilst also having the opportunity to enter virtual networking tables for focused conversations
  • We hosted the Finalists Gallery on YouTube, which was linked to in the ‘PA world’. In this zone, judges invited each group into a private networking space to discuss their inventions
  • London Filmed combined animated elements and video content to produce exciting promotional and conclusive material

PA Raspberry Pi Competition 2021


Overall, London Filmed coordinated both PA and Sparkle teams to create a truly creative virtual event experience. Feedback from attendees was hugely positive, with guests commenting how immersive and engaging the entire event was, providing ample opportunities to inspire, network, learn.

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