June 20, 2023

Thinkbox Cracking Creativity Event Production

BY London Filmed

June 20th, 2023

The Project: Thinkbox – Cracking Creativity Event

We started working with Thinkbox during the pandemic to help transition their event production over to the virtual stage. As events returned to in-person, we continued the relationship and have now signed off a FLUX package to produce their 2023 event calendar.

The Cracking Creativity event was the second of Thinkboxes events of the year on their FLUX package and was held at the wonderful Ham Yard Hotel. This project consisted of a full live streaming and audio set-up for the Ham Yard Theatre.

The event saw several prestigious speakers from the world of advertising and marketing discuss three new studies of advertising creativity, which were unveiled at the event.

The event is now available to watch on demand on the Thinkbox website.


We had a production manager and an audio technician who worked closely with Ham Yard’s internal technician to map out the AV requirements, and camera positioning and to run tech checks at the Ham Yard Hotel ahead of the event.

Live Streaming

The Ham Yard Theatre is a cinema space, so lighting was a challenge. The production team opted for a three-camera set-up, shooting off Sony FX6s. We utilised a comms pack so our streaming technician could direct the order of play while cutting between shots. Our event producers ran a full event rehearsal with the client as well as a full tech check of the AV system with the AV team to ensure the set-up was working optimally.

Our live stream engineer vMixed the footage to the streaming platform Dacast (with Vimeo as backup), which was available to the online audience on the Thinkbox website via a data capture form from InPlayer.

For on-demand viewing, we edited the video content for each of the single-speaker and panel sessions, creating four video outputs for Thinkbox, which are now available to watch on their website. Post-event analysis was provided, including the number of views and length of time watching.


“This was a really enjoyable and interesting event held in a fabulous venue, the Ham Yard Hotel. Everything ran smoothly on the day with our AV set-up supporting a flawless live stream. We’re really looking forward to working with Thinkbox again very soon.”
– Stephanie Clayton, Event Producer & Project Manager

Client Testimonial

“Excellent team that give us total confidence. Tom and the team are thorough and well prepared for every event they manage for us.”
– Hannah McMullen, Thinkbox