September 10, 2020

Unlocking Global Tech Virtual Event

BY London Filmed

September 10th, 2020


Event Type: Virtual

Event Platform: Hopin

Event Date: September 2020

Event Duration: 12 Hours

Company: Tech Nation

Speakers: 72 Speakers

Attendees: 1500 sign-ups

The Project

The COVID-19 Crisis has left a lot of businesses in the dark about the future of the events industry. At London Filmed, we have managed to adapt our service offering to help event organisers and businesses keep pushing forward and hold their events in the virtual space. A recent situation where we’ve been able to showcase our virtual event expertise was bringing the community together over London Tech Week.


At the start of September, we partnered up with Tech Nation to produce one of the flagship events for London Tech Week. This virtual event, with over 1,500 signups, set out to appeal to those looking to scale their company internationally. Where to host this event? We decided to host this event on Hopin, a virtual platform for live online events. The plan was for organisers to have the ability to recreate this in-person event experience online, all in one place, factoring in the different time zones and countries involved in this 12 hour global conference.


On the 8th September, designed with leadership teams in mind, attendees were able to hear from 72 speakers from companies that have scaled across the globe, as well as from leading investors and experts in international expansion. Viewers heard from; Darktrace, GoCardless, TransferWise, Culture Amp, ThoughtRiver, Babylon Health, BlaBlaCar, Elvie, Social Chain, SuperAwesome, Decibel, TruRating and many more.

The London Filmed team worked closely with Tech Nation to produce this 12-hour multi-time-zone event, which hosted 25 different panel discussions, keynote speeches and fireside chats from 7 countries around the world. These panels featured high-profile members of local tech hubs, giving the attendees exclusive insight into what makes each region tick.

The event was mainly made up of 30-minute sessions, viewers were able to join the sessions which were applicable to them. These sessions enabled viewers to navigate across the globe from their homes, listening to these leading tech figures in; Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, New York, Boston, Atlanta and closing in the Bay Area. They were able to embark on a virtual journey discovering how to expand and scale in different regions post Covid-19, and the countries that are open for business.

Atendees were able to:

  • Make Meaningful Interactions and Network
  • Connect and Exchange Virtual Business Cards
  • Join Breakout Sessions
  • Listen to Keynote Speakers
  • Take Part in Q&A & Polls

Just under a quarter of the attendees surveyed at the event said that in order to expand globally they need help acquiring general information to help them decide between key markets. If you need regional tips on where to expand internationally, read the insights shared from this day-long, multi-time-zone virtual conference event here.

Client Review

It wasn’t just us who felt the virtual event was a success! Davina Yanful, Head of Events at Tech Nation has said…

“It was such a relief and pleasure to work with London Filmed. They were calm, professional and really accommodating to the constant changes and requests we were making. Feedback from staff and attendees was that it was our best event yet – so slick and smooth. We’ll definitely be using them more in the future”.

So with the dust brushed off viewers’ virtual passports for this Unlocking Global Tech virtual event, being able to virtually travel around 40,075km in the space of 12 hours was a fantastic, exciting experience for all involved. This conference gave an insight into the future of the event media industry, Virtual Events are here to stay. Given the effects of the pandemic in the beginning of 2020, it is clear that virtual event production has been pushed to the forefront of businesses looking to execute events. It’s important to curate a truly unique production for virtual events if you’re looking to entertain, educate and inspire individuals around the world.