How To Write a Video Brief

In this guide, we show you how to create a videography brief that'll set you up for success - and download our tried and tested video brief template to use for your next video project!

What are Digital Event Assets and When Do I Need Them?

In this guide, we walk you through each type of digital event asset and what they are used for so that when it comes to your next event, you’ll know exactly what you need to create a polished digital experience.

Three Simple Ways To Make Your Event More Sustainable

Our top tips to simply transform your event branding from traditional to more sustainable, lowering the impact of your event and making a positive change in the industry.

What Are RAW Video Files and How Are They Used?

To clear up any confusion that surrounds RAW files, we are going to explain what they are, how they’re used to enhance video production outputs and what you can expect to receive from your video production company if you request them.

Creating Memorable Internal Communication Events

How to create an impactful internal communications event your team will love. We discuss the elements of a successful event and how to tailor an event solution that delivers.

How To Write A Clear, Informative Photography Brief

A quick and simple guide to writing a clear, informative photography brief to set you up for success and a free, downloadable template!

How to Use Live Streaming in Fashion

In this short interview, Co-Founder Tom Mahon speaks with Pure London about live streaming for fashion brands, meeting your audience where it matters and building brand awareness

How to Create an Effective Animation Brief

Our step-by-step guide to plan your next animated video project and our free downloadable animation brief template.

5 Steps to Write an Effective Event Filming Brief & Your Free Template!

Our step-by-step guide to set you up for success when building your event filming brief! Download our free template to kick start your project!

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