Creating Memorable Internal Communication Events

AGMs, all-hands meetings & business updates

The start, mid, and end of the year see internal communications events and business update projects ramp up as businesses reflect on their performance and welcome the next period with their teams.

We understand the importance of internal communications events in fostering a cohesive and engaged team, whether local and in-person or uniting international teams with the help of interactive event tech.

Creating a memorable and impactful experience for your team with seamless execution not only represents your business in its best light but also helps ensure your content and messaging are engaged with by your team.

Depending on your objectives, several event media solutions can be tailored to ensure your event is a success. We’re going to discuss a few in this blog as well as share a case study from a quarterly update internal communications event which was held for the entire team of Hyperoptic.

The power of immersive experiences

In today’s fast-paced and information-driven world, simple presentations don’t do enough to truly engage and inspire attendees. Taking your team to an external venue, or transforming a space within your organisation can have a huge impact on your team and their mindset

To capture the attention and imagination of your audience, start by considering the venue carefully, making sure it performs for you on all levels. For instance, do you need a main stage and smaller breakout rooms? Are you hosting a social at the end and need access to a bar and activity? Speak to your event production partner if you need a hand in finding a suitable venue to make sure your event shines.

Once your venue is selected, transform the space into a branded experience for your team. Allocate a portion of your budget to event branding and design to create a memorable, immersive experience for your team to experience. Elements such as Gobo lights, light cubes, stage backdrops, digital posters, and wall decals give the event space a special touch and help set the tone for your event.

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Seamless technical production

Internal communication events, business updates and AGMs require meticulous attention to detail and flawless coordination to ensure your organisation’s messages and objectives are communicated effectively and an overall positive brand experience is had by your team. Ensure your audio-visual set-up is optimised with, for example, lapel and handheld microphones, a speaker system, uplighters for optimal stage lighting, comfort monitors, and extra monitors for visual accessibility. These need rigorous testing to ensure they’re optimised and fully compatible. We advise you to speak to an audio-visual specialist to plan, set up, and support on AV because if your audience can’t see or hear you perfectly, you’ll lose their attention quickly!

If you’re running your event online or are uniting international teams with speakers from around the world, you’ll need an event production partner you can trust to deliver a flawless live stream or hybrid event set-up with slick production. They will be able to advise you on the best platform choice, use of interactive tech and security. Their team of project managers, AV technicians, live stream engineers and camera operators will work with you to design an event solution that will help you reach your objectives in your chosen venue. As well as providing best-in-class tech and equipment, they will also take all of the testing, tech rehearsals and speaker briefings off your hands so you can feel confident at every stage of the project.


Leveraging media production for enhanced communication

Media production plays a vital role in enhancing the overall communication experience. Visual storytelling helps capture and retain the attention of your audience, and it can be invaluable in helping to create digestible content from data sets or complex information. Animation comes into its fore here. Besides helping to communicate with your audience, media such as motion graphics and holding cards elevate the experience beyond static slides. Additionally, you might want to pepper your presentation with pre-recorded videos. Using mixed media throughout an event helps to keep your audience engaged.

If you want your content to be available on-demand after the event, speak to an event filmmaker who can capture the footage, edit it and cut it into sessions ready for hosting on your website or sharing internally.

Finally, post-event media is a great way to celebrate with your team and share the highlights. A highlights video, vox pops, and event photography are all ways you can share the fun long after the event is over.

Case study

Hyperoptic Internal Communications Event

We worked with Hyperoptic to help produce their ‘Quarterly Update’, an internal communications event, which saw circa 300 employees attend in person. It was the first large in-person event Hyperoptic had hosted since the pandemic, so there was a celebratory feel that the Hyperoptic events team wanted to capture over multiple media outputs.

The sessions were all run live and in person with the addition of pre-recorded videos and Slido, which was used to run polls and Q&A throughout.

The project included audio-visual equipment and support, event filming, digital event branding, and event photography.

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Let us do the heavy lifting.

As a technical event production partner, we can help to create an environment where you can focus on delivering impactful content while we handle the behind-the-scenes operations, ensuring that your internal communication events and AGMs run smoothly and leave a lasting positive impression on all participants.

If you are planning an upcoming internal communications event, we would love to discuss your plans and provide a tailored proposal that aligns with your vision and budget.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your event in more detail.

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