How Much Does Event Filming Cost?

Event filming costs

Videos are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to capture events. With the rise of social media and an increasing appetite for visual content, it’s always a good idea to video your event.

The question is, how much does event videography cost?

This is often the first question we get asked by new clients.

The conversation usually begins like this: “can you give me an approximate price based on a 2-day event?” Most times, there isn’t enough information for us to provide a useful quote. In this blog, we will discuss how we go about pricing event filming.

We will walk you through our process and the different factors that are linked to cost. You can also take a look at our event filming solutions for more information, and our video production services if you’re looking for pre-recorded content.

Where to start?

Like any other service, there are always cheaper and more expensive options. The first question you want to ask yourself is “what is my event media budget?”. This will guide you towards whether you should speak to event filming freelancers or an event filming company.

Lower budget – freelancers

If your event media budget is less than £600, it’s probably best to look at freelancers as cheaper options. Freelancer costs can be anything between £200 – £600 depending on their experience, the equipment they use, and how competent they are at editing. If that is still too expensive, you might want to look for students or junior videographers who are looking to build their portfolios.

Higher budget – the professionals

The digital age has brought much change in the way we communicate, interact and network with one another. The events industry has profited from this as companies and brands look to go back to basics and connect with their clients in a F2F environment.

Brands are investing more in events as they look to add experiential marketing to their mix, consequently, there is a drive to capture the experience and create FOMO (fear of missing out) for those who didn’t attend!

This is where we really create value for our clients as our specialist filming teams look to capture the unique moments visually and narratively from the day. We then pass the footage on to our team of editors who bring the story of the day together, delivering cinematic, shareable content that captivates audiences.


How much does event filming cost – videography pricing breakdown:

Once you understand your initial budget, you can start thinking about what things you would like in terms of event video outputs. Are you looking for a recap of the day showcasing the best bits in a highlights video?

Or will there be multiple things happening at your event simultaneously that you would like captured? A good event production company will walk through your aims and provide suggestions on what they think would work best.

There are many factors that will influence the price including the event type and size of the crew. The following points will equip you with the right knowledge to help you understand how these factors will influence costs.

Type of event

The most important factor in relation to understanding costs will be the type of event. Will your event be B2B or consumer-focused? The UK event industry is worth an estimated £42bn, and out of this Conferences and Exhibitions makeup over 50%.

These types of events are usually large, with the average conference drawing in 250 attendees. Consequently, this translates into larger coverage for such events and multiple video outputs. For an average conference, we usually record panel talks, presentations, interviews, and networking.

Other event types which may not require such coverage and multiple outputs include charity and party events. There is obviously a big difference between a 2-day conference and a charity event, it’s important to understand this when looking at event video costs.

For event filming with multiple cameras and video outputs, prices start at £2,495.

Size of the camera crew (event coverage)

The size of the camera crew is probably the single most important factor in the cost of your event video. Whilst the event type is a good starting point, what actually happens at your event will determine the size of the crew.

  • How complex is the event agenda?
  • Will there be multiple stages?
  • Will there be workshops?

These are some questions to think about when understanding the size of the camera crew. As a rule of thumb, we recommend one crew member assigned to the different parts of your event content. For example, 1 crew member dedicated to talks, 1 dedicated to highlights footage, and 1 dedicated to interviews. This is especially true if you have a complex agenda, with multiple things happening all at once.

How long is the event?

What is the duration of the event? This is another important factor that directly correlates event videography pricing.

Is your event a half-day? Full day? Or multiple days?

If your event is multiple days and requires multiple video outputs, you should think of package pricing. If your event is a half-day, hiring a full-day crew along with equipment may not be necessary. In addition to this, understanding whether you will need a full crew on all days can help you get your costs down. A good event media company will walk you through the options and help you decide what is necessary.

What video outputs do you want?

Another factor that relates to event filming costs is what video outputs you’re looking for. This is also closely linked to the amount of camera crew you will need and post-production time. Our clients usually look for at least a 1-2 minute event highlight when booking their video production services with London Filmed.

This can sometimes be achieved with one crew member, for a cost starting at £1,250 depending on the event. Event types suitable for this type of set-up are parties and charity events.

Other types of event-based video content we can create are vox pops, presentations, social cut-downs, and interviews.

The majority of the events we cover are conferences and exhibitions where clients often require speakers, panels and presentations filmed. As we mentioned before, the more complex the event and video outputs, the more crew you will need. Having a solid idea of exactly what you want can help you get a package deal for your event videography, an option that nearly all of our clients opt for.

How fast do you need the finished videos? Whilst a freelance option could be suitable for longer time frames, most of our clients need their videos delivered fast. This usually means an editing team is always on hand to start working on the footage captured by the camera crew as soon as they get it.

We offer different delivery timeframes and pricing based on your requirements. Take a look at our different options below:

  • Express turnaround: 1- 3 Working Days
  • Normal turnaround: 5-10 Working Days
  • OTD (On The Day): Same Day Delivery

Delivery time 

It’s important to bear in mind that delivery time will also be dependent on the complexity and style of your event videos. For example, heavily animated videos require a lot of post-production and can significantly increase the time and cost. For this reason, will always consult with clients about their expected deliverables and timeframes before the event.

Cameras and equipment

Have you thought about the necessary camera and sound requirements? Let’s start with sound. It’s imperative that you have the right microphones and sound equipment if there will be speakers. This will usually be handled by the AV crew at your event venue who will need to liaise with your video team.

Having a proactive video team will take the pressure off your shoulders when it comes to arranging the sound requirements. If an AV crew is unavailable, your event media company should include microphones as part of the equipment. With simple setup costs starting from £950, you will reap huge benefits in terms of the quality of your video outputs.

The video quality of your end product will depend on the type of camera and format used. What are your requirements? Having your event filmed in 4K will require higher quality cameras and more time editing in post-production.

We usually recommend a format of 1080p, which can be viewed in full HD across different devices and social platforms. As this is industry standard, it won’t add to your costs. Be wary of proposals insisting on 4K filming, as most devices can’t view this format. Having your event filmed in 4K could significantly increase pricing without much-added benefit.


This blog will hopefully give you some insight on what to expect when it comes to videography pricing. As every event is different, we spend a lot of time creating bespoke quotes based on the aforementioned factors.

As your trusted event media partner, London Filmed will take you through the full event filming process, ensuring full satisfaction.

You can book a call to get a same-day quote here.

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